What is “content intelligence?”

“Content intelligence” is by no means a neologism. The term comes out of the business intelligence sector, and has been around for years. But interest in it has recently blossomed.

Like many terms in technology, it has no single agreed-on meaning.  Largely it means any form of actionable, business-relevant insight derived from analysis of a content repository (typically a large document collection with vast amounts of unstructured text).

It’s good to get multiple perspectives on what this can mean.  Here are a few quick-takes on content intelligence that are worth a read:

  • Following Bill Gates’ famous dictum that “content is king”, this recent post argues that content intelligence is critical to really understanding content consumption patterns.
  • Here’s a round-up of panelists’ responses to the related question, “What is ‘smart content’?” at the Smart Content conference.
  • Is content intelligence the new business intelligence?  Our friends at SemanticWeb.com posted this essay raising a question about the emerging role (and increasing value) of CI in today’s leading businesses.
  • Hear an analyst from a UK-based research firm take a CMS approach to content intelligence, in this podcast.
  • For a different view on CI within the enterprise, check out this article in Business Management magazine.

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